Welcome to my website, Nicholas Fyffe Dressage. Here you can gain an insight into who Nicholas Fyffe is as a dressage rider, competitor, trainer and coach.

     My Profile page will outline my journey through to the present day and my News page will keep you up to date on current events. I was proudly born and raised in Australia- where my dressage career began. The thirst for knowledge and experience in this all consuming lifestyle of dressage has taken me across the globe. During international competitions, training and teaching pursuits, I have trekked each state in Australia, to New Zealand, South Africa, throughout Europe and now North America.

     I find the sport of dressage enthralling. I'm very aware that as a rider, one never stops learning. I also find the simplicity of how a horse only reflects the reality of training so appealing to me. As a rider, competitor, trainer and coach I feel an obligation to share my experience and knowledge with all those determined to reach their goals.

     The Nicholas Fyffe Dressage program has availability for lessons, training, clinics and sales. If interested in finding out more about what is offered, or becoming a part of the team, please refer to my Contact page. I would love to hear from you!

Nicholas Fyffe


October 30, 2014

Fiero HGF tops COPA USPRE ranking

The results of the first annual COPA USPRE have been tabulated and I am excited to announce that...

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